Mystery Boxes Reviews

Arcade Block August 2015

August 2015’s Arcade Block has arrived, as always in its awesome retro NES style box. Let’s see what we got this month.


The “Product of the Month” this time around is a Mortal Kombat X plush, either of Scorpion or Sub-Zero. I got Sub-Zero and he looks great. The fact that his hood pulls back off his head amuses me greatly for some reason. As seems to be the norm there was a CD included, this one a soudtrack of the “Scott Pilgrim vs the World” game. It has a good “rock” feel while sounding like something out of a NES game (in a good way). The three CDs I’ve gotten in various Arcade Blocks have contrasted nicely in style.  The Fallout themed mini baseball pennant for the “Boston Vault Dwellers” is cute.


The terrycloth wristband is also a cute little addition, although I admit I don’t understand the significance of the double quotation marks one I got. The t-shirt for this month is a great design for “Counter Strike” which looks like it was pulled right off a NES game box. Rounding out this month’s block is another issue of RETRO Magazine. RETRO’s a solid read, and I don’t mind the apparent trend of including a new issue every 2-3 months.



While nothing blew me away this month, everything was decent and as much as I feel like a broken record here the thing that still impresses me the most is the variety of item types over the four boxes I’ve gotten. Still very happy with my subscription.

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