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“I know how to get enrolled in school. I brought a raccoon.”

Nothing ever happens in Berke County, but with the exception of his best (and only) friend moving away D.J. Lim is ok with that. He’s totally average in a family of overachievers, but he’s good at being a friend. And the boy with no memory who just fell from the sky in a pair of silver underwear is going to need one…

Hilo, The Boy Who Crashed to Earth is a roller coaster of amusement from start to finish, with some important and touching theme woven in for good measure. Winick’s taken the same type of core concepts that made his Barry Ween series excellent, stripped away all the swearing and off-color humor, and ended up with a children’s book that I can recommend without reservation. It’s not super deep, but it does have layers, lessons, realistic feeling characters and a very odd little boy holding it all together.

Hilo is just plain fun. Can’t wait for book 2.

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