Impressive Heights Achieved

I recently attended the opening of a wonderful art exhibition called Figure in the Sky at Space 776 in Brooklyn. I found out about it via a friend of mine named Cora Kobischka who has some pieces showing, and I’m very happy she pointed it out.

Postcard advertising the show.

Figure in the Sky features work from five artists and makes great use of the available space to highlight the works. The larger of the two rooms is somewhat bisected by a hanging cloth piece that breaks up the room, and the back wall is a window through which the other room (which is an exhibit in itself) can be seen. The setup makes the space seem bigger than it is and allows a lot of art to be shown without feeling cramped.

I enjoyed the entire exhibit a lot, particularly a couple of neat pieces by Takuya Hayaki that had fascinating use of color and texture. But I’ve always loved the use of shadow and monochrome in art, so the highlight for me were a series of pieces by Cora portraying various imagery in blacks and grays within the outline of egg shapes. They can be seen here, but are really best appreciated in person.

Near the entry is a captivating related exhibit in some sense created by visitors trying to toss monochrome painted eggshells (some filled with glitter) into a small opening in a clear wall mounted case. The remnants of the attempts, the debris that made it into the case, and the couple of shells simply pushed through the opening all combine to what I found to be an extremely intriguing illustration of the potential for beauty in chaos and destruction. Of course being at the premiere meant I was a witness to and participant in said chaos and destruction, which was fun too. 😉


I adore art that gives as much to think about as it does to look at, and I found a lot of it at Figure in the Sky. The exhibit is open until November 9, 2015, and I highly suggest checking it out if you get a chance.



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