Escape If You Can – Part 2

I love the room escape games that have been popping up all over NYC, and have played quite a number of them at several different locations over the last couple of years. In Part 1 I discussed these games in general and spotlighted Escape the Room’s two locations.

Here I continue with a NON-SPOILER look at the other rooms/locations I’ve tried.

Mission Escape

Located in Chinatown, Mission Escape has quickly become my favorite room escape company. I’ve played 3 of the 4 rooms they currently have available and loved them all. The staff is friendly and the cluemasters are great. The clues are extremely useful without being straight out instructions (unless necessary). The use of technology is excellent and clever, and the puzzles are fun, logical, and deeply integrated with the theme of the room.

Speaking of the themes, all Mission Escape’s rooms have deep themes that have a background story and are excellently integrated into the room’s decor and puzzles. They might be a little difficult if everyone is new to this type of game, but otherwise this is the company I most highly recommend.


The three rooms I’ve played here, all of which are still running:

  • Escape the Initiation – In order to join Mister M’s secret society, you must solve and get out of the initiation room. A great room set in what looks like an old style study.
  • Escape the Hydeout – A Victorian themed room based on the story of Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde. Particularly great puzzles in this one with clever use of the theme.
  • Escape the Darkest Hour – You’ve been kidnapped by a serial killer and have an hour to escape before he comes back and makes you his next victim. SO CREEPY! This is their horror room, and the one that I referred to in part 1 as intentionally feeling cramped. It really wasn’t though, as there’s space to move around. The atmosphere is just so thick it’s unnerving. I’m not much into horror, in general but this was fantastic. It’s played in the dark with flashlights, and everything is thematic and disturbing, from the props to the eerie sounds playing to the puzzles themselves. Even knowing everything is fake there’s somehow an added underlying anxious feeling of needing to get out of the room. Add in some really ingenious puzzles and I can’t recommend this room enough if you think you can handle the theme.


Go Escape

The 2 rooms offered by Go Escape in Koreatown are quite different than the rest I’ve played. I wouldn’t start here, but they are quite interesting as a change of pace. They are much sparser compared to other places, with very few things to interact with / explore. But they is still everything needed for the puzzles and the themes and ideas employed are clever and unique. Each room has at least one element I’ve never seen in any form elsewhere.

The puzzles here sometimes do require an odd leap in logic though. Here I experienced the only puzzle where after I got the clue I thought “that NEVER would have occurred to me.” But the staff is great and the cluemasters are there to help with the rough patches, so both room were fun overall.

  • Six Days – You are a genetic experiment that has awakened in a lab and needs to get out while the scientists are away, using clues from your creator who wants to set you free. Neat room with a mixed bag of puzzles. A couple were kind of meh, but it also has a couple of the best I’ve seen
  • Lost in Air – This was a decent room based around the idea of being trapped in an airplane that was going down, but It looks like it’s no longer available. I might have to try it’s replacement, Zombie Jailbreak, sometime.



That’s it for now. Overall my experience with this type of game has been great and I highly recommend giving them a try.

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