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Nyah! Saying Goodbye to Neko Nitta


During my trip to Japan I had the opportunity to finally see Neko Nitta. It was somewhat bittersweet as it was during her final matches before retirement, but I was still happy to wish her well in whatever her future after wrestling holds.


I was impressed with all five matches I saw Neko in, and got to see a nice variety from her. From a Triangle Ribbon Title defense at the 1/19 IR dojo show to comedy matches at her and Risa’s events to a hardcore war main eventing her last dojo show to her last match highlighting some of IR’s younger talent, everything was compelling and entertaining. Her ability to adapt such a unique character to numerous different match styles and still make it work perfectly is incredible.

Japanese retirement shows are interesting events, full of ceremony and tradition. I was privileged to be able to attend three such shows while in Japan. Having been lucky enough to meet Neko at a couple of IR shows before Ribbonmania, it was particularly nice to be at her send off.




While I don’t have the history of watching Neko I have with some of the other wrestlers I’ve said goodbye to in this blog, I am still a big fan and it was an honor to be able to meet her and witness her final matches live.

All the best.


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