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Chibi Vampire Volume 14 Review

This is the final volume of Chibi Vampire and the culmination of several long running story threads. No point in starting here: read from the beginning.

This review will include some general thoughts on the whole series and will be as spoiler free as I can make it.


Things get worse and worse for Karin as Chibi Vampire builds to its conclusion. A ton of previously established plot points weave together into an appropriate crescendo. Though a romance at its core, Chibi Vampire has used its premise, characters, and supernatural elements to provide good comedic and tense/dramatic moments as well. Events and complications were appropriately character driven, allowing the story to unfold naturally and engage the readers. Karin’s coming of age story as a person who doesn’t fit into either of the two worlds she shares has remained compelling throughout its 14 volume journey.

I understand why some readers don’t like a certain part of the end, but my view is that people (and thus characters) aren’t and don’t have to be perfect. The choices the characters made were logical, both rationally and emotionally, even if they might of might not have been the best ones that could have been made. The difficulty and possible fallibility of having to make emotionally weighted decisions actually makes everything feel more real for me, even if I don’t necessarily agree with the choice.

This final volume does feel a little rushed, and admittedly could’ve benefited from some more details in certain places. But it still manages to address the important themes of the series and close out all major outstanding plot points.

Overall Chibi Vampire is a wonderful series that takes a comical and absurd concept and turns it into a cute, emotionally charged journey for its characters. Not perfect, but great stuff regardless.


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