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Claymore Volume 24 Review

“I… hate you.”

Not only does volume 24 open with the end of an arc started in volume 23, we are well into the third or so major shift in a series filled with layered storylines going all the way back to the beginning. Don’t start here.


Mark of the Warrior (part 5) closes the arc started last volume featuring the fallout from attacking the organization and the return to Rabona. This arc is largely setup but is still excellent and this closing chapter cranks up the tension while introducing some new players that could have great impact going forward.

Army of the Underworld (parts 1-5) sees an eclectic collection of forces battle the remaining resurrected Abyssal One while a threat from the past engages the corrupted Priscilla. In many ways this is the most interesting story yet, with several agendas at play and unexpected results and revelations. There’s also a key flashback for a major character and an important connection made between the pasts of others.

This volume progresses the overall story quite a bit, while providing ton of action and interesting new plot threads. Things are definitely moving forward and building towards the next major confrontation, which looks to be the climax of the series. As the long as the quality and momentum stay as high as they are I’ll happily read on as long as the story goes.

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