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Claymore Volume 25 Review

“We will protect your spirit.”

Not only does volume 25 open with the end of an arc started in volume 24, we are approaching the end of a layered series filled with storylines building all the way back from the beginning. Don’t start reading here.


Army of the Underworld (part 6) closes the arc started last volume featuring the Abyssal Ones joining the battle with Cassandra while two great powers battle elsewhere. The shifting alliances and developments here directly lead to the next story.

Sword of the Dark Deep (parts 1-5) sees Rabona under extreme attack while another battle ends decisively and a third rages on in the distance. Yagi’s incredible balancing of story and action is on full display here. Among all the chaos and gruesome fighting several long running plot threads are resolved spotlighting characters than have been in the background recently. The depth of the characters and their motivations is wonderful and the implications and ramifications of what happens here are heart-wrenching.

In addition to all of that, vital background is woven in explaining the factors that resulted in the strongest creature ever created by the Organization, as well as some important glimpses into its psyche.

This volume was just perfect in both exploring outstanding mysteries and bringing everything towards the final stratagem. Just fantastic stuff that has me beyond excited to read the last two installments.

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