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Demon King Ena-Sama Goes to Manga School Volume 1 Review

“You should feel honored human, for I have come to make this world my own.”

Bored with inherited power and automatic domination over her world, the 666th Demon King Fienalia Glengard Flamveil breaks tradition and unseals The Dimensional Mirror looking for somewhere new to conquer. She ends up a bit sidetracked after becoming enamored with manga artist in training Kento Sugitani’s pet project, but having cut off his dominant arm the surer path is to learn to draw it herself. And so the Earth is spared her wrath for now…



Well, if you got through my summary above and are still here this manga is probably worth a shot. It’s as ridiculous (possibly more) than it sounds, with over-the-top dramatic overtones to boot. But somehow this blending of a harem romantic comedy with fantasy elements in a manga school setting is working for me. The parallel background events back in Ena’s world add a sense of foreboding future developments.

Demon King Ena-Sama Goes To Manga School is beyond odd, but in a good way as far as I’m concerned. I’m enjoying this and intrigued to see where things go as the series gets beyond the initial set up and introductions.


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