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Ride the Wind Review

“I was not raised to believe in second chances, but, for the first time, I saw their importance.”

This is Starla Huchton’s third “Flipped Fairy Tale.” Each book has a different classic fairy tale as inspiration and stands on its own as a complete story, so reading the previous two first is not necessary to enjoy this one. However they take place in a shared universe, so doing so will give certain characters and events much more significance and context.


The Flipped Fairy Tales series presents wonderful re-imaginings of well known fairy tale stories. In addition to the interesting hook of gender-swapping the familiar characters to provide a new perspective, it’s Huchton’s deft, evocative touch towards world-building and character development that makes these versions special.

Ride the Wind is the first of these books to feature a fairy tale I wasn’t previously familiar with, but that didn’t hamper my enjoyment of Lukas’ adventure at all. The core premise seemed a little run of the mill, but the details greatly elevated it to another appropriately captivating entry in this series. I particularly liked the connections and further explorations of characters previously introduced in Shadows on Snow. The greater world these tales inhabit is developing nicely from book to book, and I like the apparent foreshadowing and hints towards what’s to come.

Little by little Flipped Fairy Tales has become one of my favorite variations that plays with established fables and legends. They’re a fun, fresh take on the stories and overflow with imagination and depth.

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