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Aphorism Volume 1 Review

“Simply graduating from such a school affords you status and prestige.”

So few people can see the island floating in the sky that it is largely thought an urban legend. But those who can are eligible to enroll Naraka High School, and a guaranteed government job and life of luxury upon graduating. Momiji Rokudou is about to discover this deal isn’t nearly as good as it sounds.


Aphorism is a stark blend of intensity and weirdness, to good effect. Some of the mysteries surrounding the “character” Momiji chooses and its effects are odd and contrast with the relentless sense of despair at the school, which does allow for it to broken up a little and prevents it from becoming overwhelming. It’s too early to tell if the payoff will be as interesting as the general setup, but the potential is there.

The world itself is incredibly intriguing. I’m extremely interested in finding out the reason behind the school’s existence and the lack of forewarning given to the usually unsuspecting new students. The grim events of Momiji’s first day get the series off to a strong start and immediately establish how high the stakes are. The students’ frustration and desperation comes across well, and the general atmosphere is expertly nurtured to increase tension and heighten the story’s impact.

Strong start for this creepy, dark manga. I’ll want at least some minor answers for certain things sooner rather than later, but so far so good.

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