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Ellie Jordan, Ghost Trapper Review

“Well, let’s go check out the dark basement of the abandoned insane asylum. Nothing could possibly go wrong down there.”

Ellie Jordan is an expert in the unusual field of ghost removal, with the private investigator duties that often go along with it. A haunted house call from a newly moved in family is nothing new for her, but some ghosts aren’t that easy to get rid of…


Ghost Trapper is a good, atmospheric story that is complete in itself but still sets up elements for future Ellie Jordan adventures. It can be a little slow in parts, but the pace allows the aforementioned atmosphere to build effectively. Things get extremely creepy and harrowing, as appropriate for a ghost story.

There’s a strong mythology developed including the “science” of ghosts  that keeps things grounded and allows the reader to fully follow the plot as it unfolds and understands the stakes and dangers. Some of it’s definitely “Ghost Busters” with less camp, but there are plenty of original elements and intriguing layers added in.

My favorite bit about the author’s approach is it lets Ellie be as much forensic scientist and detective as she is paranormal hunter, which again adds a wonderfully relatable and almost realistic feeling to her dealings with the extraordinary. There’s a couple of surprising yet logical twists, and the interactions of the small supporting cast of distinct personalities further aid in the reader’s engagement and immersion.

Ghost Trapper is a tense, well realized urban fantasy novel that knows how to take its time and let the story unfold naturally while still providing enough action and danger to keep things compelling. I particularly liked the blending in of mystery elements, and could definitely see myself continuing with this series.



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