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Japan Society Talks+: Gifu, The Heartland of Japan

Japan Society’s Talks+ program features a variety of lectures and events throughout the year that provide wonderful examinations of numerous aspects of Japanese culture. Currently there are several related events running that provide a spotlight on the Gifu prefecture, which began with a lecture and reception entitled “Gifu, The Heartland of Japan.”



The lecture portion of the evening was introduced by Japan Society president Motoatsu Sakurai and had opening remarks by The Honorable Hajime Furuta, Governor of Gifu, who gave historical context to Gifu and talked about his current US trip and some exciting new developments in terms of cooperation towards tourism and historical preservation and recognition between Gifu and parts of the US.



Moderator Susan Miyagi Hamaker then explained the basics and traditions of Jikabuki, including audience participation and the amateur nature of the performers, and introduced an abbreviated ten-minute performance by the Tono Kabuki Nakatsugawa Preservation Society. It was fun to watch and a nice spotlight on this form of Kabuki theater that is most active in Gifu.



After the performance Graeme Howard, Coordinator for International Relations for Gifu Prefecture’s Tourism Promotion Division, gave the longest section of the lecture in which he talked about some of the wonderful places and things to see and experience in Gifu as well as their culinary and artistic specialties.




Following Graeme’s presentation the lecture concluded with a personal tale from Dr. Sylvia W. Smoller, whose parents survived the Holocaust due to the decision of humanitarian Chiune Sugihara, who issued transit visas to Jewish refugees during the Holocaust despite his government’s orders. In addition to the emotional tale of her family’s journey and Sugihara’s selfless actions, her talk including interesting thoughts about the character behind such important acts and the environment needed to foster them.



The entire lecture was wonderful, highlighting everything from the history to the art and culture to the food of Gifu, as well as the people themselves.



But that was only half the evening, as afterwards attendees were treated to a sampling of incredible dishes featuring Gifu’s famous Hida Wagyu beef and sake brewed using Gifu’s pristine waters as well as an exhibition of some of Gifu’s pottery and a chance to meet and gets pictures with the Jikabuki performers.



Excellent even above Japan Society’s Talks+ already high standards, “Gifu, The Heartland of Japan” was a great evening that provided a multitude of information and experiences related to the subject province.




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