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Pandora Hearts Volume 3 Review

“If parents are the ones who give birth to life… are they also the ones who create a reason for your existence?”

Oz needs time to come to grips to the changes that occurred while he was in the abyss as well as his own new status quo, but those who wish to use him for their own ends won’t necessarily cooperate with his need for a respite.


After the big reveal and somewhat overwhelming info dumps of last volume, this installment has much better pacing and does a better job of conveying important information clearly while still appropriately keeping certain things as lingering questions.

Mysterious elements and exploration of key background stories about the main characters are mixed nicely with action scenes and it’s all delivered with strong emotional impact. The supporting cast is becoming more well rounded and interesting, giving the manga more to entice the reader with than just Oz and his connection to the abyss.

I feel like these chapters hit all the right notes in terms of forwarding the story without giving too much away too soon, and if the author can keep it up going forward Pandora Hearts is going to be a thoroughly captivating and entertaining ride.


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