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Until Death Do Us Part Volume 4 Review

“Mamoru-san doesn’t need my help. ”

This collection contains volumes 7 and 8 of Until Death Do Us Part as originally published. Although heavy in action it also features a fairly intricate plot that builds from volume to volume. Best to start reading at the beginning.




Volume 7 picks up right where volume 6 left off, with a key confrontation between characters who have been circling each other thus far in the series. Takashige is excellent at giving just enough to be satisfying while holding back for later developments. Nothing’s settled but a lot is established. Also, fights (and other events) unfold in ways that develop characters. It’s an important and masterful use of craft to keep the manga engaging without losing momentum.

Things later move into a nice spotlight on Haruka as she has an unexpected vision at school. It’s an important story that shows her having to rely on the lessons Mamoru’s been teaching her in unexpected ways.

Then the patient, brilliant Wiseman’s finally ready to make his move…

All arcs here are grounded in nuanced underlying emotions: Genda’s controlled, calculating rage, Haruka’s feelings of inadequacy, Mamoru’s (over)confidence, etc. Haruka’s actions towards the end lead to a heart wrenching situation that illustrates how far Mamoru and she still have to go in understanding each other.

There are also interesting yet logical twists, and having master strategists involved on both sides of every conflict makes the unfolding stories absolutely captivating.


Continually fantastic stuff with no signs of slowing down.


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