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Today’s Cerberus Volume 2 Review

Chiaki’s getting used to life with his new companion / guard dog, but he doesn’t quite realize how much larger his world has really become. Nor what a tempting target his unique situation makes him to other supernatural beings.


Volume 1 of Today’s Cerberus was a fun read that put just enough of a twist on established conventions and tropes to keep things amusingĀ and interesting. Volume 2 is a strong sophomore effort that continues to expand the cast of characters and new world Chiaki finds himself a part of while spending a fair amount of time on character development and firmly establishing the emotional core of the story.

I like the particulars of each of Cerberus’s personalities, and there’s good foreshadowing of each’s motivations, short comings, and the reasons they act as they do. The facts that the dominant personality is isolated from the others in their subconscious and that the most powerful of the three is self limited are great little nuances that portend ominous yet intriguing future developments. I still find Roze the most compelling, but both Kuro and Shirogane also have a fair amount of depth and uniqueness to them. The growing supporting cast fits well and all nicely supplements the (current) main plot of Chiaki trying to be more social and learn to be happy despite what he’s missing.

I’m still finding Chiaki and Kuro’s adventures highly entertaining. Looking forward to reading more.

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