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Rokka: Braves of the Six Flowers vol 1 Light Novel Review

“Seven heroes gather to save the world – but the legends spoke of only six.”



This first book in the Rokka series is a compelling mystery in a fantasy setting which I found captivating to a “can’t put it down” extent. Adlet is a great point of view character, and his companions are a nicely diverse bunch with backgrounds and agendas that conflict in ways to keep the reader guessing. One character in particular (who I’ll avoid naming or discussing in detail due to spoilers) had an unexpected and layered backstory that added significant depth and tension to the unfolding story.

Adlet and the other potential heroes are confined in a dangerous situation with reason to distrust each other, and that simple core concept is built upon beautifully to sustain the story right until the end. There are numerous surprising yet well developed twists intermixed with legitimate hints, and the inability of the reader to tell which was which created a wonderful level of suspense throughout. It was hard to guess exactly where things would go because several potential resolutions made sense, which is a wonderful thing for a mystery to achieve. While certain things could have used more explanation, the way the story played out was excellent overall. I’m not sure how I feel about the developments in the epilogue and what it means for the next book, but there is potential there so we’ll see how it goes.

Unlike other recent light novels published over here by Yen On that have frustrated me with the style and translation (I’m looking at you, Re: Zero), the writing in this one was fantastic. It flowed extremely well and enhanced the increasing sense of danger and suspense as events escalated.

I came into this intrigued by the premise and found something even better than I expected that’s easily among my favorites of all the light novels I’ve read. I hope the series can maintain the momentum built from this strong start.

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My first foray into light novels was the Vampire Hunter D books. Those were pretty bad so I left off.
I tried again with the 12 Kingdoms, of which the anime I really liked. I liked the light novels even more! But they were being produced by TokyoPop, so when they folded, the 12 Kingdoms was left unfinished at book 4.

So I figure I’ve tried twice and struck out twice. Not a real good average 😀


I definitely had similar experiences with both light novels and manga. Kino’s Journey is my favorite anime and the translation we got over here of the first LN was pretty bad (which probably explains why only one was ever released). I also had several interesting series unfortunately end up unfinished when TP and others went under.

But I have read / am reading some great ones that are completely available over here, including Kieli and Book Girl.

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