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Tohyo Game Volume 3 Review

Class 2-A is dwindling and the survivors are facing longer odds and growing depravity as their will to live is placed against their personal beliefs. And who is the mysterious votekeeper running this deadly game?

This is the final volume of Tohyo Game, a psychological horror story, so starting here is pretty pointless. Read from the beginning.


I’ll be sharing general thoughts on the series here, so while I’ll be as spoiler free for the entire three volumes as possible for plot details, I will be talking about my general impressions of the series’ strengths and weaknesses.




I have mixed feelings about this finale. It’s good, keeps the tension high, and has plenty of surprises left to dish out. It also starts to suffer from “one twist too many” syndrome, leaves some major questions largely unexplained, and feels a little rushed. More context regarding certain things and more room for the story to breathe would have been appreciated.

Still, this volume provides the expected escalating stakes and continued clever twists on the voting and there is closure to the main story thread started in volume 1. The lack of details about a related, underlying plot point is somewhat unsatisfying, and to be honest I wanted something different, overall but within the established framework this is a logical, valid conclusion. The bombshells dropped last volume are resolved in intriguing ways.

There are interesting character moments as everyone reacts to things getting more dire, and the atmosphere is appropriately harrowing as events escalate to even more disturbing levels. On a related note, the series has been getting more and more graphic in all ways as it progresses, so if the first was too much too handle it won’t get any better in that respect.

With this volume Tohyo Game comes to a reasonably strong but imperfect end. It remained exactly as advertised throughout: a twisted, compelling suspense story filled with surprises, shocks, and graphic content. There are more questions than answers though, and that holds it back just a bit.


One side note I’ll mention: There’s an… odd “bonus” afterward that’s a few pages long and is nothing but fanservice and is even referred to later in the afterward with a comment that implies it exists because one of the creators wanted a couple of the characters drawn naked. I have no problem with fanservice or pinup art, and the nudity certainly isn’t at odds with the graphic nature of the series, but the context given here in the guise of “humor” IS inconsistent with the characters and tone of the series and is also uncomfortable (one line in particular is pretty much what’s making me write this). I was going to ignore it without comment (as I often do for random extras like this), but figured it was worth a heads up for those who may wish to stop reading when the actually story ends as this has nothing to do with the rest of the manga.

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