How Time Flies…

Last Summer (2016) I took a look at some stats breaking down my posts here for Derailments of Thought’s one year anniversary.

I’m a few months late for a second anniversary post, but seeing as I recently cleared a total of 400 posts (which is frankly mind boggling) this seemed like a good time to look back again on what I’ve been writing about.

Last time’s stats, as of 213 posts:

~37% reading reviews (22% of total manga, 12% comics and 3% prose)
~26% wrestling related
~14% gaming related (10% boardgames, 4% videogames)
~12% mystery box reviews
~8% movie reviews
~3% other


Current stats, as of 403 posts:

~36% reading reviews (18% of total manga, 9% comics and 8% prose)
~28% wrestling related
~19% gaming related (13% boardgames, 6% video games)
~9% movie reviews
~6% mystery box reviews
~2% other


Pretty consistent overall. The mystery box percentage halved overall because I stopped getting/reviewing them right around that one year mark. Wrestling percentage is pretty stable at about a quarter of my posts, but like I mentioned last year those tend to be significantly longer than some other categories so I’d guess it comprises about half of my actual writing. Games of all types and prose reviews have been a bit more of my focus recently than comics and manga, so those ratios are shifting a bit. I expect the gaming percentage to continue to grow as I have tons of games I want to share thoughts on, although those reviews are also time intensive so it’ll be an ongoing process.

Nothing unexpected here, but it’s still interesting to take a quick look at. The final ~2% catch all category is not to be overlooked, as some of my most interesting experiences end up outside of my comfort zones and can be found there. 

Still going strong, and still really enjoying writing up thoughts and assorted ramblings in this space. Please stick around for much more to come. 🙂

3 replies on “How Time Flies…”

Heck, I’d say your wresting posts account for 75% of your words on this blog 😀

And glad to see you still around. Sometimes it seems like some of the people I use to follow just burned out and stopped posting altogether.

On a gaming note. Have you ever played the “Doom” boardgame? I saw that on amazon recently and wondered if it was any good. But I’m not about to drop money on it, and precious shelf space, if I and my brother wouldn’t play it…

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lol. You’re probably right. 🙂 I’d actually do the breakdown if there was an easy way to get word count by category.

Thanks! Glad you’re enjoying my ramblings, and I really appreciate the comments.

I haven’t. A quick look at BGG seems to indicate good reviews, with people saying it captures the right feel and is fun. Biggest concerns seem to be what you consider long for a game of this type (playing time seems to be 2-4 hrs) and that there’s a lot of components with setup that takes a while.

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