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Triplock Board Game Review (First Impressions)

Triplock is a memory based game where four stacks of chips represent the cylinders of a lock to be solved. On a player’s turn die rolls will determine the actions available as they try to manipulate the stacks to match various diagram cards in front of them.




This has a unique feel to it as it combines memory and positioning aspects. There are lots of little nuances that provide good depth, from choosing which of the four options on a diagram card to pursue to being able to discard both die options to pick any action to manipulating the options available to your opponent. There are also several characters to play with different player powers for added variability.


The production values Triplock this are excellent. The stacks of chips that are central to gameplay are of nice weight and design. The plastic coated cards have good thickness and play well, and the oversized character cards provide additional story and more of the game’s wonderful art. The flexible gamemat lays flat when needed for play and rolls up nicely to conserve space for storage. Really impressed overall with the quality of the components here.




I was interested in the look of the solo game for this, but while it’s fine the two player game is better. The solo mode is a series of challenges based on a “room” (scenario) being played. Only one’s included, with others planned as expansions. The story elements are clearly meant to be ongoing, as they were really just a prologue here. I wonder if there’s a set number of expansions planned that will complete this story, or if it’s going to be an indeterminate number of subsequent cliffhangers. Without knowing that I’m unlikely to keep spending additional money on an open ended narrative framework, but the “rooms” will be available in a print and play format that I will likely keep an eye on.




Triplock is an extremely well put together package featuring a fun an different type of game with a fair amount of replay value. Definitely one of the better memory based games I’ve come across.

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