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Late Eclipses (October Daye Book 4) Review

“That’s me,’ I agreed. ‘Toby Daye, assassin of fun.”

October’s luck is as rough as ever, with one of her friends in mortal danger, a ghost of the past haunting her mind, and those in power uninterested in being particularly helpful with any of the ensuing chaos.

This is the fourth book in the October Daye series, and it addresses major, long running plot threads. Best to start with Rosemary and Rue (book 1).




I like urban fantasy best when it’s heavily peppered with mysteries and mind games, and Late Eclipses has both in spades.

I mentioned in my review of An Artificial Night that the series was getting to the point where some of the major plot threads needed to be addressed, and Late Eclipses does so in fine fashion. Several reveals and key developments com at the perfect time, with an incredible number of connect but diverse plot threads carefully interwoven into a wonderfully strong narrative. I’ll avoid spoilers, but there are major implications for numerous characters complimented by a real sense of mystery and tension maintained throughout. October’s been facing different sources of real danger in these last couple books, and the harrowing atmosphere created is palpable.


An Artificial Night was easily my favorite in the series to that point, and this surpasses it. Wonderful stuff from Seanan McGuire.

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