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Incredibles 2 Review

“How do you balance the superhero stuff with the life stuff?”




It’s been a long time coming, but Incredibles 2 was worth the wait. I found this to be an excellent sequel that captures spirit of the first film while progressing the story and characters’ personalities and situations nicely. It’s exceedingly precise in mostly the right ways, being carefully measured down to minutia in a way that only occasionally calls attention to itself. Admittedly there aren’t a lot of new ideas here with one main underlying plot thread being a light spin on the first film, and there are some issues with falling back on outdated stereotypes. But it’s what’s done with the various elements that matter most in the end, and everything is executed well. The stereotypes are played with and moved beyond, the plot structure is there to support the themes and emotions the movie’s truly about, etc. I found the key points being made and the conflicts and issues the family was working through relatable and genuine despite the fantastical setting, which is a wonderful accomplishment.



One reply on “Incredibles 2 Review”

I have been extremely hesitant to watch this. I really enjoyed the Incredibles and own it. And the whole Toy Story franchise left me doubting Disney/Pixar’s ability to make a second movie that wasn’t pablum.

Maybe some day…


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