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The Girl from the Other Side Volume 6 Review

Facing an adversary who won’t be deterred, Teacher makes a choice…

Under dire circumstances, an interesting new direction is taken. There’s a touch of hope in the new journey which is needed and again speaks to the excellent balance maintained as the story grows and progresses.

As the manga goes on it’s really interesting how consequences, both of the characters’ own actions and decisions and of others’ influence, interact and come into play. The storytelling in this volume is particularly well done, with brilliant intertwining of escalating danger and important character developments.

I love the scope and pacing, and while slightly more frequency to the fleeting glimpses of the larger world would be appreciated the current focus on what’s going on outside with a core group of characters is pitch perfect.

Another tense, ominous end leads perfectly into the next volume. The Girl from the Other Side continues to be an excellent series.

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