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Knives Out Review

“This is a twisted web, and we are not finished untangling it, not yet.”

I adore a good mystery, so between a strong cast and a playfully intriguing trailer I was really excited for Knives Out. And a damn good mystery is exactly what I got.

I’m going to say pretty much nothing in terms of details to avoid spoiling the ride, but this was a compelling journey that I didn’t quite know what to make of until it was done. I cannot overstate what an important and truly wonderful quality that in a mystery/suspense story.

It’s not quite as madcap as the trailer makes it look (when I first saw the trailer I actually thought it was a Clue remake), but that’s not a criticism. There’s just the right touches of quirkiness, as it tweaks and pokes fun at the genre as much as it embraces it to wonderful effect. Sly touches of satire and commentary along with a phelthora of pitch-perfect performances all fully support and flesh out, rather than detract from, the unfolding drama.

Simply put, Knives Out was fantastic.

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