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Arcade Block November 2015 Review

November’s 2015’s Arcade Block is here, as always in its awesome retro NES style box.


The advertised property for this month was Uncharted, and the product of the month is a titans figure of Drake himself. Pretty “big name” an inclusion, and it doesn’t slow down from there. Since we’re close to the end of the year we get another 2016 mini-calendar, this time featuring Halo 5.


One of the strangest items I’ve seen in one of these yet is The Master Cork: A Drink to the Past exclusive. It’s a novelty cork in the style of a sword from Legend of Zelda. Completely absurd, and I love it. Another exclusive is one of four possible Mansion Keys. Is a decent little trinket that really appeals to me as a collector of keychains and the like. I got the one with a knight’s helmet.


I’m not opening my mystery pack containing an Angry Birds K.Nex mini-figure, as I have a nephew who collects them and will flip over getting a sealed pack to open. The T-Shirt this month is a wonderful “Christmas sweater” style design featuring Yarn Yoshi.



Another month, another wonderful and varied batch of goodies from Arcade Block. This easily remains my favorite mystery box.

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