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Fairy Quest Vol. 1 Review

“No story must be allowed to deviate, for deviancy brings chaos, and chaos brings anarchy.”


All the stories we know live in perpetuity in an enchanted forest called Fableworld. But what happens when a handful of its denizens want more from life than slavishly living the same events over and over?

Fairy Quest combines an imaginative take on the existence of fairy tales and fables and combines it with heavy, almost dystopian themes of societal control and rebellion. It’s a wonderful blend with a lot of potential, although this volume does feel largely like setup and that it’s only barely scratching the surface of what this comic could be.

While it’s still quite good and I’ve enjoyed seeing various re-imaginings of familiar stories, I do hope we get deeper into themes and story threads soon. Regardless, Red and Woof are great leads who are easy to cheer for, and Grimm is an instantly imposing and unlikable antagonist.

The art is stylish and vivid, given proper due by the oversized printing format. Not all of the character designs work for me, but they are all unique and striking, making it easy to follow the plot and remember who’s who. The coloring in particular is fantastic, and creates the perfect atmosphere for this fairy tale world.

Good start for a fun comic that could turn into something truly great later on.


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