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MPH Review

“As debuts go, it was a complete disaster.”


Roscoe is a low level drug dealer in Detroit aiming for better than his current situation. He may have his chance when exposed to a drug called MPH which bestows him with superhuman speed.

Interesting mixed bag here. Millar provides an intriguing tale of sudden opportunity against a backdrop of political and social commentary that somehow both leaves a couple nagging questions and wraps up the main plot point almost too tidily. The plot turns include the fantastical and the predictable, but all fit well enough to keep the story moving well.

The art is good but the faces of the characters don’t look consistent to me from scene to scene, which is rather distracting.

I feel like there was a significant amount more potential for the concept of super-speed pills than what Millar chose to do here, but there’s nothing wrong per se with the direction he chose or his execution.

Decent enough overall.

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