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Future Imperfect: Warzones! Review

This trade collects the entire Future Imperfect: Warzones! series (#1-5) and material from Secret Wars: Battleworld #4.


On the patchwork Battleworld that is all that’s left of the multiverse, Doom has granted the Maestro dominion over the city of Dystopia. But there are those who want him gone, and the Maestro has wants of his own…

Incredible Hulk: Future Imperfect is one of my all time favorite comic book stories. It was nice to revisit the characters and setting in the obviously capable hands of the original writer (Peter David). I enjoyed this quite a bit. It’s not on the same level as Hulk’s confrontation with his villainous future self, but it’s a strong story that really plays to the Maestro’s strengths as a character and holds several surprises.

David’s tendency to get too cute about working in references crops up here and certain things feel really shoehorned in. They don’t detract too much though and everything builds to a surprising yet logical conclusion.

I’m glad the ten page Surfer vs Maestro excerpt was included for completeness, but I didn’t care for it.

Great return for the Maestro overall. And now I think I need to go reread Future Imperfect again.

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