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“Not the Justice Dorks”

This trade collects Secret Six (II) issues #1-6 and DC Sneak Peek: Secret Six #1.


I enjoyed Simone’s entire run of Secret Six comics pre-New 52, so was quite excited to check out the recent re-imagining of the title. It’s different, but retains enough of the original’s DNA to feel right. These issues cover the team being forced together by the machinations of a much different Mockingbird and for different reasons than we’ve previously seen. I think more could have been done with the opening arc, but I won’t complain too much about moving things along at a nice clip.

Familiar faces are mixed with new additions. Catman and Black Alice were two of my favorites from the original run, so I’m thrilled to see them anchoring the book as part of the core team. There are also some nice cameos. I’m split on the new crew. Strix and Porcelain are quite interesting and unique. Adoring them both so far. Not feeling Big Shot and I’ve never been a fan of this version of The Ventriloquist. Simone uses them all well though, and as usual the character interactions are a key part of her stories.

It’s not the Secret Six we know, but honestly it shouldn’t be (not to mention the previous version went through numerous shakeups during its run). Strong start here and it’s great to see my favorite dysfunctional team of not-heroes return to action.

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