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Heart in a Box Review


Suffering a broken heart, Emma wishes it away. Quickly aware of what a bad choice she made, she takes the one opportunity he has to get it back from those it was redistributed to … piece by piece.

I went into this comic knowing nothing about it, and I recommend staying as close to that as possible. The back cover text gives away too much in my opinion, so I’d avoid it (and website descriptions of the book, etc) if at all possible.

I picked this up because of the intriguing cover and being previously familiar with Meredith McClaren’s amazing art. Her self written comic Hinges is a joy. Her style and versatility is a perfect match for Kelly Thompson’s desperate tale of adult heartbreak, emptiness, and growth.

There are parts I wish we’re fleshed out a little more and a couple of lingering questions, but overall Emma’s journey is wondrous, intense, and thought provoking. All beautifully brought to life by Thompson and McClaren.

I won’t go further to avoid spoiling anything, but I highly recommend Heart in a Box.

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