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Rat Queens Volume 1 Review

“Did you seriously pack candy and drugs for dinner?”

This trade collects Rat Queens #1-5.


This volume’s subtitle, “Sass and Sorcery,” is as good a summation of Rat Queens as there is. Wiebe’s cast is three-dimensional, relatable, and diverse in appearance, attitude, and actions. Upchurch’s art is a perfect match, bring everything to life in an appropriate and powerful way.

The comic is violent and vulgar, but it seems right for the characters and situations. The Queens are the toughest group of women I’ve ever read about, without being “Mary Sues.” They’re far from perfect, and aren’t entirely good either, but are incredibly likable because they feel real and charming and it’s impossible not to cheer for them. Put such a strong set of main characters into an equally interesting take on some sword and sorcery cliches turned on their heads and it all adds up to a magical, fun read.

Every bit as impressive and awesome as I’d heard, Rat Queen is a must read for fans of the fantasy genre who can handle an in-your-face approach to the material and its “booze guzzling, death dealing battle maidens-for-hire” protagonists.

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