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Rat Queens Volume 2 Review

This trade collects Rat Queens #6-10. There are a lot of layered story threads in Rat Queens. Best to start at the beginning.


Continues the momentum built up in volume 1 without missing a beat. There’s a lot of background on the leads here, always relevant to their current character and personality as well as to the ongoing story. Stjephan Sejic joins the art team, and his work is just as perfect for the book as Upchruch’s.

The plot pays off some ongoing threads while introducing more (including a big cliffhanger for next volume). However as good as the general story is, the true highlights of Rat Queens are its characters and their development. Despite how awsome everyone is I am developing favorites: Hannah’s proving to be the surprisingly deep enigma I was hoping for, and everything Betty does sends me into a laughing fit. That said I could keep going with similar compliments for just about every single character. The cast is that good.

More great stuff. Can’t wait for volume 3.

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