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Ghost Hunt Volumes 6 & 7 Review

Ghost Hunt focuses on a core cast, but they do a good job of hitting each character’s main abilities and each story stands pretty well on their own. Volume 6 would be an ok place to start reading if you didn’t want to go back to volume 1.

I’m reviewing these two volumes together because they form one complete 10-part arc. Naru and his acquaintances are called to investigate mysterious disappearances in an old mansion. It would be a disservice to the suspense of the story get into plot details, but I can say that it builds nicely and never feels slow despite its length. Important bits of character development are worked in seamlessly, and the creepiness is off the charts. The supporting cast could’ve been used and fleshed out a bit more, but keeping the focus firmly on our main cast and the mystery they’re investigating isn’t really a negative.

Excellent atmosphere and progression in Ghost Hunt’s longest arc yet, keeping this engaging and gripping for two full volumes. This series is a must read for those who can handle¬†disturbing tales of the supernatural.

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