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Gimmick! Volume 3 Review

This volume directly continues a previously started arc and builds off of established characters and events. Better to start reading at the beginning.


This volume starts with the conclusion (parts 5 and 6) of the Over the Rainbow arc started in volume 2. Solid wrap up with a nice look at Kohei’s background to boot.

The majority of the remainder of this book contains parts 1-5 of another long arc, TB Confidential. Kohei finds himself leaving his comfort zone to use his skills as an unlikely bodyguard for a friend of Mone’s. Kanari’s doing a great job with these longer stories, keeping them intriguing and varying the ways Kohei’s skills come into play. The stakes keep escalating as well, giving the entire manga nice progression.

Finally there’s a two-part “Special One Shot Story” named after the manga’s title. It’s a fun side story that backs a couple nice twists for such a short tale and really highlights Kohei’s skills.

I’m really enjoying Gimmick!’s unique setting and Kohei’s adventures. Will definitely be reading more.

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