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Gimmick! Volume 4 Review

This volume directly continues a previously started arc and builds off of established characters and events. Better to start reading at the beginning.


Volume 4 starts with the conclusion (parts 6 and 7) of the TB Confidential arc started in volume 3. Strong finish with some more unique tricks from Kohei and a lot of foreshadowing regarding Kohei’s ominous rival.

Having just had a pair of long, complicated arcs we get a number of shorter stories of varying atmosphere and subject matter. There are single chapter tales focusing on Kohei helping Mone with a molester problem, his first meeting with Kannazuki, and a touching pair of chapters set at a local hospital. In the middle of these is a two-part story about an aging actress. All of these packed a lot into short lengths, and ran the gamut from light and amusing to somber and emotional. A great mix. Not all of it works perfectly, but it’s all interesting.

Finally there’s the first three parts of The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, in which Kohei meets someone who reminds him of himself. Nice start. Hope it realizes the potential for exploring Kohei’s character both past and present.

Another strong volume. Still really enjoying Kohei’s antics and adventures.

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