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Ghost Hunt Volumes 8 & 9 Review

“This foolish girl will descend into hell.”

Ghost Hunt focuses on a core cast, but they do a good job of hitting each character’s main abilities and each story stands pretty well on their own. Volume 8 would be an ok place to start reading if you didn’t want to go back to volume 1.

I’m reviewing these two volumes together because they form one complete 9-part arc. A young man brings his niece to Naru after a dire message mysteriously appears branded onto her back. Shibuya Psychic Research’s ghost hunters are led to an idyllic looking restaurant with a long history of unexplained deaths… including several mediums called on to investigate.

As usual with Ghost Hunt t would be a disservice to the suspense of the story get into plot details, but I can say that this is perhaps the creepiest story yet (an impressive feat given what’s come before). There’s a big development early on that places an unusual burden on the team and it’s interesting to see them adapt to unexpected roles and responsibilities. The pace is a little uneven, but there are several twists that keep things building nicely overall.

Mai and Masako get a lot of focus. Their individual feelings towards Naru and own competitive relationship are explored well within the context of the story. A significant amount of background about several characters is also woven into the narrative. This is a place where Ghost Hunt shines. Tension is never lost nor momentum slowed for character development. It’s all blended and layered wonderfully with the story.

Another heart-wrenching, unnerving adventure for Naru and company. Ghost Hunt continues to be an excellent example of suspense and horror done right.

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