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Sci-Fi Block April 2016 Review

Let’s see how April’s box of science fiction and pop culture related collectibles turned out.


While I’ve seen similar designs, this month’s t-shirt featuring Sci-Fi Spaceship Silhouettes is quite well done. Can definitely see myself wearing this.


A second clothing item was part of this month’s block in the form of Star Wars Ankle Socks. Five different designs in the pack, and there were two different possible packs. Amusing.


Like last month, there was a “classic” style action figure included. This time it was one of three Funko Reaction: Firefly figures: Mal, Kaylee, or Wash. The fact that Wash came with tiny dinosaur accessories amuses me to no end.


My favorite thing this month is easily the Star Wars Projector Pen. It projects an awesome little stormtrooper design.

I might not be a big ET fan, but the exclusive Phone Home Magnet is awesome none the less.


I enjoyed the latest Mad Max movie a lot, so the Fury Road Comic #1 with exclusive Jim Lee variant cover is nice to get and will be interesting to read.

The product of the month is one of two possible Doctor Who Wacky Wobblers. Looks decent, but as I’ve mentioned before Doctor Who does nothing for me.



Strong month for Sci-Fi Block overall, with great quality and impressive variety in both properties and type of items. This may actually have been the best single box of any version I’ve received. I have one more Sci-Fi block in my subscription, and am looking forward to it a great deal now.

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