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Sci-Fi Block May 2016 Review

May’s box is the final Sci-Fi Block of my subscription of science fiction and pop culture related collectibles. Let’s see how it turned out.


I’ve never been a big fan of Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy so this month’s t-shirt goes right into the trade/gift pile, but it’s a suitable property to use the design is decent.


The product of the month is a 60th Anniversary Edition of Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury. This was advertised ahead of time and is a nice alternative type of item. Fahrenheit 451 is a classic and a smart inclusion.


Star Wars Wacky Wobblers features one of four possible characters. It looks nice and I’m ok with Kylo Ren, although I’ll admit I’d have preferred any one of the others.

The second Star Wars item this month is Furry Chewbacca Can Koozie. Absurd and amusing, which is exactly what I expect when ordering these boxes, although also something I likely won’t use.

The third and final Star Wars item is supposed to be an exclusive BB on Board Bumper Sticker. Cute design and pun. Unfortunately it was missing from my block.


For the third month in a row, my box includes a “classic” style action figure. This time it’s a Funko Reaction: Star Trek Spock figure. Although there’s no variety in possible figures this time, Spock’s a good choice. Whether due to packing of the block or the figure’s packaging itself, mine arrived open with the plastic detached from the card back. Disappointing, since I likely would have tried to trade this. The figure and accessory were undamaged though.


The Futurama Art Print comes in green or blue and looks good, but I personally don’t care much for these as inclusions in general.




My experience with Nerd Block’s latest offering, Sci-Fi Block, was ok. I was disappointed to discover after subscribing that their “choose your block, switch anytime” advertising on the main page doesn’t apply to Sci-Fi Block. I honestly would’ve switched to Arcade Block after one month if I had been able. AB’s just more to my tastes. And this final month brought both my first packaging problem and my first missing item among all the NB products I’ve tried.

On the other hand the quality and variety of stuff in the boxes was good, even if the property choices weren’t always to my tastes. While it didn’t quite work out for me and I won’t be renewing it’s a decent product that will be worth it to certain collectors.

Mystery Boxes Reviews

Sci-Fi Block April 2016 Review

Let’s see how April’s box of science fiction and pop culture related collectibles turned out.


While I’ve seen similar designs, this month’s t-shirt featuring Sci-Fi Spaceship Silhouettes is quite well done. Can definitely see myself wearing this.


A second clothing item was part of this month’s block in the form of Star Wars Ankle Socks. Five different designs in the pack, and there were two different possible packs. Amusing.


Like last month, there was a “classic” style action figure included. This time it was one of three Funko Reaction: Firefly figures: Mal, Kaylee, or Wash. The fact that Wash came with tiny dinosaur accessories amuses me to no end.


My favorite thing this month is easily the Star Wars Projector Pen. It projects an awesome little stormtrooper design.

I might not be a big ET fan, but the exclusive Phone Home Magnet is awesome none the less.


I enjoyed the latest Mad Max movie a lot, so the Fury Road Comic #1 with exclusive Jim Lee variant cover is nice to get and will be interesting to read.

The product of the month is one of two possible Doctor Who Wacky Wobblers. Looks decent, but as I’ve mentioned before Doctor Who does nothing for me.



Strong month for Sci-Fi Block overall, with great quality and impressive variety in both properties and type of items. This may actually have been the best single box of any version I’ve received. I have one more Sci-Fi block in my subscription, and am looking forward to it a great deal now.

Mystery Boxes Reviews

Sci-Fi Block March 2016 Review

Sci-Fi block is the newest edition to the Nerd Block family. Being a fan of the genre I decided to give it a try, although apparently I was under misconceptions about my options should I decide I preferred one of their other offerings.


The products of the month are a Doctor Who lunchbox and cup. I adore the idea of the items, but the property does nothing for me so these are kind of wasted potential in my case.


On the other hand I am a rather big fan of The Fifth Element, so the “classic style” Leeloo action figure and multipass (!!!) amuse me greatly. There were three other possible figures. The multipass comes with sticker that can be filled in with your own info if you’d like. Love it.


I collect keychains and the three possible Guardians of the Galaxy Pocket Pop! all looked good. Pleased that I got Dancing Groot though. Can’t complain about the high quality of the art print showcasing Kenner’s original Boba Fett figure, although it’s not something I’m likely to display.


The T-Shirt this month is an amusing mash up design featuring Rock’Em Sock’Em Terminators.



Sci-Fi block is decent enough, with a nice variety of items and properties. I seem to have started at the wrong time though, because I am not personally a fan of Doctor Who and not only were this month’s featured items related but more Doctor Who merchandise is advertised for next month. My personal inclination is to switch to Arcade Block, but I found out Sci-Fi Block is not included in the allowable subscription switching for some reason (despite costing exactly as much as the ones that are).

Don’t misunderstand, this is a good block that will certainly be worth it for most sci-fi fans (and I liked it considerably more than the classic Nerd Block). I’m just lukewarm on a couple of the big properties they’re likely to include. I’m happy enough with this box, but not sure I want to gamble on future ones. Might suspend my subscription until they let me change it. We’ll see.