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Today’s Cerberus Volume 1 Review

After being bitten by a strange dog as a child, Chiaki was cursed with a loss of emotions and the inability to truly smile. Eight years later, and Cerberus is back in his life, but in a rather unexpected way…


I enjoyed this initial offering in this offbeat series. It’s amusing despite a mix of numerous well established tropes, and the key is how they’re used. The mythological angle is a nice twist to explain both the multiple personalities and the dog-girl aspects. Even though the leads all fill stereotypical roles there are subtle touches that add depth and amusement. I particularly like Roze and the various story threads connected to her.

While nothing revolutionary nor new, Today’s Cerberus is a fun read and has a lot of potential. Looking forward to continuing it.


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[…] Volume 1 of Today’s Cerberus was a fun read that put just enough of a twist on established conventions and tropes to keep things amusing and interesting. Volume 2 is a strong sophomore effort that continues to expand the cast of characters and new world Chiaki finds himself a part of while spending a fair amount of time on character development and firmly establishing the emotional core of the story. […]


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