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Claymore Volume 14 Review

“If that’s your reason, then it’s a laughably weak and foolish one.”
“Yes, isn’t it? To be honest, I think so too.”

Volume 14 directly continues an arc just begun in volume 13, as well as heavily building off of developments throughout the series. This is not the place to start reading.


A Child Weapon (part 2-5) follows Clarice and Miata’s hunt for the deserter Galatea to a familiar place: the Holy City of Rabona from volume 2. It’s an interesting place for Galatea to hide and provides a nice backdrop for what’s to come. This story is incredible, featuring several combatants with different power levels, goals and strategies in a battle that’s as intelligent as it is gruesome (and it’s one of the bloodiest we’ve seen). The jaw dropping two page spread that concludes the arc is gorgeous and impactful and is a gripping set up for the next arc.

We get another two single chapter side stories from the past to finish this volume. A Chance Encounter in the North takes us back to when Isley met Priscilla. Untarnished Resolve gives a glimpse of Clare’s training period as a Claymore. Both are nice character based supplements to the main series.

A great entry in the series that really builds momentum for future volumes.


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