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Claymore Volume 19 Review

“I wish everyone in my way… would disappear.”

Not only does volume 19 directly continue a major arc started in volume 18 the series in general builds off all that has come before. This is not the place to start reading – go back to the beginning.


The end chapters of the massive The Ashes of Lautrec arc (parts 7-10) finish the Earth-shattering conflict between the greatest powers in the land. The ones left fighting are terrifying and near omnipotent, and a huge sacrifice will be required for anyone at all to survive. The all out action continues, more true natures are revealed this is a worthy end to this particular stage in the conflict and overarching story of the series.

The truly wonderful thing about Claymore is even with all the major developments, twists and closing threads in The Ashes of Lautrec and the preceding volumes it’s still clear there is a TON left to the story and it’s various mysteries and characters. Yagi wastes no time moving on to the next huge point of interest in Phantoms of the Heart (parts 1-2) by switching back to one of the few important established characters missing from the conflict in the West. Miria’s assault on the Organization begins in a quickly escalating conflict that features some of the most heart wrenching moments in the series. I have no idea where it will go from here and I can’t wait to find out.

A fantastic finish to the biggest story in the manga thus far and an equally strong start to our next tale.

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