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Claymore Volume 20 Review

“We learned it by seeing with our eyes, hearing with our ears, and feeling through our blades.”

Not only does volume 20 directly continue an arc started in volume 19 the series is filled with layered storylines going all the way back to the beginning. This is not the place to start reading.


Phantoms of the Heart (parts 3-4) returns the warriors from the Western battle to Rabona, as we discover the fallout from both Miria’s choice to leave and Clare’s fight with the Destroyer and Priscilla. This is a step down in pace from recent events, but a breather was needed and a lot of needed information is filled in as we prepare for their assault on the Organization.

Remains of the Demon Claw (complete: parts 1-4) follows Deneve’s team through the mountains towards the Organization’s headquarters. Along the way they encounter some high ranking current warriors with interesting powers battling awakened ones. Word of their approach brings interesting preparations from the Organization, with the twisted scientist Dae given reign to unleash his most monstrous experiments yet. The twist that ends this volume is another completely unexpected masterstroke by Yagi. Logical but totally surprising and a severe manipulation on what we thought we knew.

Volume 20 slows a tad after the climactic Ashes of Lautrec arc, but there is still plenty of action and the closing hook ensures our next major battle is just moments away.

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