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Claymore Volume 27 Review

“It’s been a long time since I let myself run wild.”

This is the final volume of an intricate manga with epic, interwoven stories building throughout. It would be beyond ridiculous to start here. Read from the beginning.

I’ll be sharing thoughts on the series as a whole here with as few spoilers as possible.


Perfect. This is the perfect end to the story of Claymore, and I’m amazed at how many remaining surprise Yagi had left up his sleeve. “Silver Eyed Warriors” is the final arc and is a fitting culmination of all the layered, intertwined stories building to this point.

Claymore started a little slow but was laying critical groundwork, which all paid off down the stretch. And even in the middle once things got going it was an incredibly compelling manga filled with nuanced characters, gruesome action, and a multitude of brilliant twists and surprises. This has become my favorite manga and while it’s bittersweet to see it end I’m thrilled to see it remain gripping and engrossing to the very last page.

Highest possible recommendation.

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