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The Paladin Caper Review

This is the third book in Patrick Weekes’ Rouges of the Republic series. It’s a complete story on its own and does an ok job of explaining the key concepts and past events, but it builds heavily on previously known characters and spoils revelations from the earlier books. Best not start here – go back to The Palace Job (book 1).


The first quarter of the book contained more action and plot development than some other entire series, and I mean that as a compliment. The pace is breakneck without ever being confusing or feeling rushed.

The core plot of The Paladin Caper is strong itself, but it also brings together numerous elements from the first two books masterfully. Very little is left unresolved and this is a great wrap up or the trilogy while leaving enough room for future books. Weekes’ prose is easy to read and flows well, and he does a phenomenal job providing surprises and tension while keeping everything logical. The balance of action and intrigue is excellent. There were some supporting cast members I wish had gotten more development and a few plot conveniences, but the main cast’s personalities and motivations were explored well and the story excellent overall.

Loch’s band of thieves and rebels have their best outing yet in The Paladin Caper, and the series as a whole is a lot of fun.

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