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B. Ichi Volume 1 Review

“Justice Blade!”

Dokeshi are a group of people with superpowers using techniques of magic, but they are then required to satisfy a certain condition or risk losing “something precious inside of them.” Shotaro is one such Dokeshi, with the unusual condition of having to do a good deed a day, and an even more unusual power…


Wow this was odd. The central concept is fantastic, and they use and twist the internal rules in clever ways, but the overall implementation and powers are downright weird. Our main character gains the characteristics of any type animal whose bone he chews on. Even in this first volume it’s used in several unique ways, but I’m not sure how long it can hold my interest as a story hook. The villains were just as strange, and the action didn’t do much for me.

In contrast the uniqueness of everything is directly undercut by Shotaro’s defining characteristic being the cliched hero worship of a tv superhero. Also the pacing suffers from too much rambling explanation that comes across as an info dump.

On the other hand there is a layer of whimsy and fun to things and the other central character, Mana, is more intriguing. This isn’t quite engaging enough for me to continue with everything else there is to read, but there’s enough here for me to recommend checking it out yourself if it sounds interesting.


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