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The Flash Episodes 1 & 2 Review

“My name is Barry Allen, and I’m the fastest man alive.”


Finally got a chance to try DC’s critically acclaimed Flash series, and it’s off to an amazing start. Barry’s origin is told in a way that not only establishes numerous important supporting characters, but firmly illustrates who Barry was BEFORE he became the Flash, so the viewers have a point of reference and can fully relate to what he’s going through. It’s vital to getting people emotionally invested, and done to perfection.

In addition to sharing his origin and setting up the series, the pilot has a jaw dropping epilogue which adds a ton of layers to the show and sets up ominous overtones that continue into episode 2 and look to be the central background arc holding the season together. The episodes stand alone nicely otherwise while still developing plot and characters organically out of the events and conflicts Barry must deal with. Episode 2 provides a lot of background on Barry’s childhood and how it shaped him and those around him. There’s also a lot of subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) foreshadowing in both episodes that serve as a treat for fans familiar with the comic mythos.

What I’m most impressed with though is the atmosphere. There’s a sense of wonder at the center of everything that gives the show great heart and makes it a joy to watch. Barry’s extremely likable, which makes him engaging, easy to cheer for, and just plain fun to tag along with.


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I gave up on Arrow after the season 1 ending. I know I’m not the target audience anymore [not like Smallville, back in the day] but still, I was hoping it would keep me intrigued beyond “relationship”issues.


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