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Pandora Hearts Volume 2 Review

“… it’s time for the curtain to fall on this scene!”

As Oz investigates the mysterious circumstances of his trip to the Abyss, numerous other forces target him for what he may represent and be capable of.



This is a bit of a mixed volume. There’s a lot of action in the first half and a huge reveal about the truth behind the current status quo that wasn’t obvious but incredibly well foreshadowed looking back. Oz also has to make some interesting choices about who to trust with extremely limited information, which is a nice way to illustrate his character and what drives his intuition.

In the second half things slow WAY down, and the reader is given info dump after info dump (and confusingly vague ones at that). It all seems important to continue setting up the series, but I feel like it could’ve been conveyed and integrated better.

Overall I’m still quite intrigued with Pandora Hearts, particularly about the mysteries surrounding Alice and Oz. While I’m not as enamored as much with some of the supporting cast, the world and core plot lines are engrossing.


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