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One Punch Man Volume 1 Review

“What kind of ridiculous backstory is that?!”

Yeah, the title here is all the summary you need.


This is an amusing send up of action/Shounen manga, taking standard elements to their extremes and featuring a main character that has no equal and is so strong he’s bored. Outside of the over the top build up to fights completely described by the manga’s title, ridiculous amounts of emphasis are placed on odd things for comic effect both during the fights and when spotlighting One Punch Man’s past. His real worries are things like forgetting to do chores, side characters wear shirts labeling them generically (like one that reads “school child”), etc. The entire manga is built around how far absurdity can be pushed.

One Punch Man is a good parody, although I don’t know how much I could read before the humor gets stale. Fun first volume though.

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