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Sekirei Volume 1 Review

“I can’t even say what’s gonna happen tomorrow. But as long as I’m with this girl…”

Minato Sahashi has failed his college placement exams for the second time and is considering giving up on life in the city when a girl modified for fighting falls from the sky and declares him her fated partner. He’s now part of an elimination game against other pairs for control of the universe.


Sekirei in no way shies away from what it is: an Ecchi action series. There’s heavy fanservice with nudity, super endowed fighting girls in search of partner/master with all the cliches that go with it, and a “game” being played among all the pairs with the fate of the world as the prize.

But acknowledging and embracing its core allows Sekirei to revel in its cliches and use them well, being quite entertaining overall. The romance between Minato and Musubi is charming despite “in your face” aspects, and there are a variety of intriguing plot threads being seeded.

Surprisingly good. Want to read more at some point.

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