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Amazing Ink Creations from Three Countries

Tenri Cultural Institute hosts a variety of wonderful cultural events,  including frequent art shows which often open with live demonstrations. I recently shared my impressions of the June exhibitions, and here I’ll be spotlighting the incredible INK IMAGISTS exhibit that will be showing throughout July.

One of the most interesting things about this exhibition is the scope and cooperation involved. It features ink creations by eight different artists from Taiwan, Japan, and the United States, marking the first collaborative show of this type featuring all three countries. The diversity in techniques and approaches to the same medium are fascinating, and every painting shown had something unique and wonderful to contribute.

During the opening there was a live painting demonstration by Taiwanese artist Huang Chien-Lun done on one of the gallery pillars. It was wonderful to get to watch her creation being made.

Later I had an opportunity to speak briefly with her about her other pieces on display (via a translator). She was extremely friendly and it was great to have her share some insight about her paintings and their inspiration. All the artists were excitedly mingling and talking with the attendees, and the opening was a fun, energetic event.


Ink is an incredibly versatile medium, and I was impressed with how strongly that was illustrated here. The variety in style, technique, and composition was fantastic. The collection ranged from beautifully stark black and white creations to striking limited palette works to vibrant full color pieces, and featured subjects ranging from the precise and realistic to the abstract and imaginative and covered several gradations in between.


Not only do these works of art need to been seen in person to be properly appreciated, but I’ve given just a small sampling of the amazing pieces on display. Also, the curator mentioned that there is more to this exhibit than can be accommodated at once, and so some paintings will be cycled in later in the exhibition.

I highly encourage anyone who gets the chance to see INK IMAGISTS now through July 30, 2016 at Tenri Cultural Institute in NYC.


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